• Emre Cetin

The Luminale: Light Art and Urban Design

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

Römer, Frankfurt Fades by Phillipp Geist

The Luminale Festival has been held in Frankfurt and Offenbach every two years since 2002. The Luminale Festival, which was held in Frankfurt to support the Light and Building exhibition, which is considered to be the world's largest lighting and building automation trade fair, has become a light art and urban design biennial that attracted more attention than the fair and other events.

History Museum, Alle Meine Grenzen Haben Eile by Darya von Berner

The 9th edition of The Luminale is lights up on the streets, parks, public spaces and buildings of the city. As a biennial; It also draws attention to the economic and ecological, architectural and technological, scientific and political conflicts of urban development in the designed light installations. It also serves as a platform for urban residents, lighting artists and lighting experts to come together to produce effective solutions to their problems.

The Luminale, consists on a light path of about 6.5 kilometers inside the city, offers lighting installations, illuminated objects and video mapping shows to the people.

Old Opera House, Changing Time

Saint Catherine's Church, Katharinen+Passion by Victoria Coeln with Martin Lücker and Jorin Sandau

Nizza Park 5M3 by Franz Neudeck and Otto Erlwein

Junior House, Lightscrew by Gunther Hecker

Taunusanlage, P18-2A

Schneewitchen Denkmal Taunusanlage, Snow White by M Box Studios

Oper Frankfurt, Do we under the same sky by Nikolaus Hirsch, Michel Müller and Rirkrit Tiravanija

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