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Lighting Design Tips for More Stunning Retail Shops

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The lighting of retails and sales areas is not a complex task, contrary to what is believed. It is possible to get impressive results even with only a few small details. Well; why are still big brands or chain stores even insistently continue to make the same mistakes? Here are the lighting design tips for retail shops:

Graded Lighting Design

There are two different types of lighting applications that can attract your customers to your store; ambiance lighting and accent lighting. With the ambiance lighting, people will feel the store's atmosphere and with the accent lighting, people will discern the products. The intensity and scope of the ambiance and accent lighting will, of course, vary according to your concept. But, don't forget, too much light doesn't mean proper lighting. Some retail shops use only accent lighting to create an elegant image, while some retail shops prefer only the ambiance to make their customers feel free and friendly.

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Appropriate Lighting Design for Marketing Strategies

Your retail shop has a service area and a corresponding strategy and concept. The lighting design concept which is from lighting style to used lighting products should follow this strategy. For instance, one of the most important topics is the choice of light color. Nowadays, natural white light colors (4000-4500 Kelvin) appeal to younger demographics and evoke a faster consumption. Warm white light tones (2700-3000 Kelvin) create a more classic ambiance and pitch a more traditional customer base. In addition, using some illuminated objects or decorative lighting products in accordance with your retail store's targets and the types of products that your shop is selling will also create a remarkable and intimate look.

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Lighting Hierarchy

Imagine a theater pitch; Stage actor and actress say their cues at each other in front of the stage where the audience interacts most in the section. Suddenly, a light ray is on to the fridge which located in the corner of the stage. After a few seconds, the actress will head towards the fridge...

This application, which is widely used in performing arts, is rarely preferred in retail lighting. The most practical way to make a new product or discount signs look more attractive is to make them noticeable by illuminating them independently. This method is called “lighting hierarchy” in the jargon of performing arts.

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Color Rendering Index Values

Another issue that is important to people who buying and enjoying your products is that they can see the colors of the products correctly. The light sources have a color rendering index values, which indicates how light provides the correct color. The belt you bought looks like a brown in the store but when you get home the belt looks bluer or the apples you buy as green actually more yellow.

Color rendering index is also one of the known mistakes. Light sources with a high color rendering index value do not mean that they will provide all colors with near-perfection. A red color value of a light source with a CRI of 90 may be too low. Therefore, it is not enough to pay attention to CRI only. For better yellow-red shades (especially for fresh meals or products with warm colors), it is necessary to pay attention to R9, for better blue-dark blue tones (especially for frozen meals, Jean type fabrics or suits) R12 values.

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Fitting Rooms

Fitting rooms are the most important point for a retail shop in the fashion industry. It is the place where the customers see themselves in the clothes which they have already liked in the store and most likely decide to buy. You can't expect that your customers fall in love with themselves and their clothes under the lighting provided by downlight fixtures of only $ 5 in such an important area. You should be more creative for the fitting rooms.

Display Windows

A great-looking display window can convert the people who pass by the shop to a customer. Quality, bold and high contrast display window lighting design makes products in the showcase perfect at a time. There's nothing wrong with being brave for more colorful and dynamic window display designs. For as much as, it is not a mystery that the display windows which use dynamic effects affect sales in a positive sense.


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