• Emre Cetin

The New Trend of 2019: Pop-Up Museums

Pop-up museums and interactive art experiences have started to surround us more and more. A whole new pop-up museum opens up in different corners of the world, even they are popping up.

Pop-up museums are a physical and philosophical fusion of 3-dimensional art approach (installation) which was born as a new art movement in the 1960s (and would be an important part of contemporary art in the 21st century) with the pop-up shops and sales areas that were famous at the beginning of the 2000s. People are coming, spending time as they please, experiencing and having dozens of interesting photos to share their experiences freely in their Instagram accounts.

"No Photo" policies of the traditional museums were also very effective in the rapid growth of popularization of this trend. Some artists and/or museum administrations do not allow visitors to take a photo of art-works to protect copyrights or light-sensitive artworks. But this ban's validity is argumentative. The most interesting example is the light installation that exhibited in the Guggenheim Heim Museum created by James Turrel. This installation's photos were shared in Instagram thousands of time, despite photo shooting was forbidden.

Seeing that, the pop-up museums are designed as interactive, and Instagrammable; the most effective touch that can make it more engaging and photogenic seems to be the light. Lighting is an indispensable method for creating both photo quality and interesting frames. The 29 Rooms designed by Refinery29 with neon lights proves the effect of lighting.

The number of pop-up museums is growing very quickly and it is becoming increasingly popular. In the very near future, it will deeply affect 21st-century modern art and other design elements and give them a new identity. If you are a pop-up museum visitor, you can be sure that you will feel these old cliché after passing the door: Lights, Camera, Action!

Museum of Ice Cream - Miami

29 Rooms - Chicago

"wndr" Museum - Chicago

Infinity Mirrored Room - Chicago

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