• Emre Cetin

The Guide to Convert Your Yard to Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Landscape lighting is often ignored for private areas. As time goes by, the sentences begin with "I wish we would spend time in the garden at night times", "I wish we would have a party in the garden", or " if the garden was illuminated, my toe would be healthy". Here is a step by step guide to converting your "I wish" to "luckily".

Seeing the around

People only feel comfortable and safe when they can see or at least perceive the objects in their around. Darkness creates a sense of fear and anxiety because of invisible. For this reason, you should start with seeing your around or at least perceive.

There is no necessary to convert your yard to a Hollywood studio to see it; illuminated-less illuminated-unlighted balances will be suitable. For example, after entering your yard, the path you walk towards the house must be illuminated so you can walk safely. If the solar-powered lighting fixtures are chosen you can also get rid of the cabling labority. The illuminated entrance gate of your house will be a warm welcome theme. You can also install wall-mounted lighting fixtures symmetrically on both sides of the gate and contribute the general lighting. Also, if there are stairs, they might be a good toy for lighting. It is possible to provide both functional and decorative lighting by creating a light effect on the stair surfaces or the risers.

Creating Outdoor Rooms with Illuminated Objects

This is actually an instinct since childhood; create a new room or space within a room or area. Making castles with the seat cushions, build tents inside the room and make wooden houses in the garden. You can practice the same to your gardens. You can create a new, independent area by illuminating the pergola, table or other areas in the garden with illuminated objects or decorative products.

Feeling the Green

The best part of being in the garden is the feeling of being in nature. Trees, flowers, plants, stones and other landscape elements are the most important complements of this feeling. The only way keep this feeling after the sunset is a well-designed lighting scheme.

It is the most common method used to illuminate trees using one or more lighting fixtures placed around the tree's body. It is possible to get impressive results with the right optical light angle and powerful products. On the other hand, the light rays spread from the general lighting fixtures might be used for the tree's illumination. For the plants, accent lighting or general lighting methods can be used.

The common mistake is to use green light to illuminate trees or plants. Remember, if you use white light, the tree leaves will reflect their green color. Remember, the tree leaves will reflect their real green if you use the white colored lighting fixtures.

The pools or fountains are an excellent tool for the illuminating. Water refracts the light that flows through it and creates impressive reflections. The water effects will also become an essential view of your landscape and the natural life form that you created. If you have a swimming pool or fountain in the garden you should not ignore.

Creating Silhouettes

The silhouette is the form of the shadow of an object with only the dark, border lines. We have been talked about illuminated-less illuminated-unlighted balances; the most practical and impressive way to create it is creating silhouettes. To create a silhouette within the landscape, you need a surface behind the objects or at least another object. For example, you have garden walls and in front of the walls, there are trees. At this point, trees can be kept in shadow by illuminating the garden walls instead of trees. The image to be created; there will be tree silhouettes in front of a bright wall.

No Landscape, Don't Worry!

Even an accent lighting can add volume to the architectural details of your home. Even if you don't have a large garden or landscape, you can move your space to a different size by giving depth to the details. With all of this, you can create light effects on the wall and use creatively designed wall scones that can create a silhouette effect.

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