• Emre Cetin

A Lighting Design Story: N’More Café

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

N' More Café & Brasserie is a restaurant designed with the new generation "fine dining" concept to breathe new life into Eskisehir's gastronomic habits. The project's interior design was undertaken by Müge Çakır Değirmenci, the founder of Nar Interior and the lighting design undertaken by EC Lighting Design Studio. N' More Café & Brasserie has started to welcome its visitors in the first quarter of 2018.

For the lighting concept of N' More Café, we started by evaluating the visitor profile and the expectations of the visitors from the restaurant. The venue would open its doors in the early hours of the morning and continue to serve actively until late at night. On the second floor, there was designed as a private dining room. This room could be booked in advance for business meetings and for celebrations such as birthdays. For these reasons, the concept of lighting is not just designed as "wine and dining" concept. The main aim was creating a lighting scenario that the visitors might feel free and relax and they can able to spend lots of time in this place.

According to the lighting design, we have ensured that the whole space is illumunated homogenously with the same type pendant, table, and wall lamps. The decorative floor and wall luminaires created a light effect on the mummified plants used on the walls and columns, thus the fresh atmosphere was created. We hid the adjustable lighting products on the architectural ceiling elements for illuminating the images on the walls and creating a volume. In this way, we have prevented guests from encountering problems such as glare.

One of the most important parts of the N' More Café was the spirally designed stairs. Our foresight was that the spiral staircase would not attract attention due to its location. But we wanted the guests to use the upper floor actively. For this purpose, we worked specifically for the lighting of the stairs. The stairs, the staircase, and the slowly growing plants had a distinctived look with a specially designed luminaire and carefully selected light sources. We provided that guests were able to move towards the upper floor by noticing the filtered light beam.

We have created gradual automation scenarios which may be suitable for the daylighting and the instant situation of the place. The system is designed to adjust itself to daylight during high hours of sunshine. In the evening hours, we designed lighting scenarios that would create the atmosphere according to the occupancy rate of the place and the preferences of the guests. Thus, the place has a living lighting design that can adapt to any situation.

N' More Café & Brasserie has opened after the approximately 4 months work including the product designs and mock-up works. The accompaniment of Chef Arzu Ozturk's tastes, Muge Cakir Degirmenci's architectural approach, and our lighting design.

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