EC Lighting Design Studio is an independent lighting design and consultancy office working across a wide range of project from all around the world. Our office’s working scope includes hotels, restaurants, retail spaces, offices, landscape areas, public spaces, living centers, dynamic applications, lightart and many more. First and foremost we listen to our clients/partners and work with them every step of the way; creating lighting concepts, developing lighting plans and consulting for the implementations. Moreover, we are able to do daylight analysis and we try to use daylight as possible as.


EC Lighting Design Studio believe that good lighting design is fundamental to the success of any project. Knowledge, experience, intelligence are essential when it comes to designing the right lighting and we pride ourselves on both; but it is our creativity, productive approach and perfectional that really set us apart.



We are passionate about excellent lighting design. Curious by nature we are thought leaders, innovators and early adopters of new technologies. In a constantly changing world, we create clever solutions which add value to our projects and works.


We place people at the center of our thinking. The best designs spring from fusing people, activity, and place to produce experiences which are unique, inspiring and surprising. We save your time and budget while doing all these things.


The excellent design comes from excellent management. We eliminate risks to our projects and take pride in running a sustainable and profitable business by delivering the highest level of service to our clients and partners. Our most important guide; our experiences, our intelligence, and our perfectionist approach.


Concept Design

The starting point. After the briefing and understand the meaning of the project, we design and present our lighting concept ideas through sketches or graphics. We show the light traces, desired lighting levels, techniques, and luminaires ideas. We support our ideas with visuals and simulations.

Schematic Design

The lighting design step. Based on the concept and feedbacks we start to lighting simulations. After ensuring the lighting effects and light levels we prepare preliminary applications of luminaire arrangements in drawings. We start designing the custom design luminaires, define the architectural details and application types and develop the lighting control scenarios. Mock-ups start on site.

Design Development

The detailed design step. Custom design luminaires are detailed. According to the schematic design, fundamental architectural details and application types are prepared. Control and automation scenarios developed and mock-ups are a part of this step.

Tender & Documentation

 The final stage. On approval, the design is developed into a final construction package from which the project can be built.  This is a detailed package with fully annotated drawings, details, control schedule, and technical luminaire specification.  A final review of any custom lighting elements is undertaken, including sign-off of any mock-ups.  This package is issued to the team for construction.

Project Administration​

Let's turn to lights on! We pride ourselves on being there to the final hand-over of a project. We work with the construction team to ensure the design is implemented as designed and that the lighting is commissioned and light levels set to achieve the best possible result.





The Wave - Lighting Installation 

The installation named "The Wave" is designed with inspiring by interactive technologies and the changes have been occurred due to the fact that these technologies have taken place in the middle of our lives.

«Iot» the internet of things is now being used in all areas of our lives. Places, vehicles, stuff or even every electronic object can understand us and give answers to our questions or requests. 

What if a smart system calls us, understands us and reacts us when we walk on the street or in a park? How would it be seen? «The Wave» is such a situation and offers people to artificial intelligence that uses the language of light. 

«The Wave» is a water wave shape designed object and includes dozens of pixel light sources. These light sources are equally mounted on vertical rising sticks. There are sensors on the top of the wave that will detect movements. There is a front cover to protect the sticks and light sources from external factors. This cover can be made from transparent plastic or plexiglass material. 

Københavns Museum -

Lighting Experience for Copenhagen Light Festival


The lighting installation design for Københavns Museum building named Ice Palace inspired by fantastic literature masterpieces. Some of the writers and then follow the scriptwriters and directors have been using that myth: A palace built with the ice blocks and located the north sides of the world. It is familiar for Copenhagen. 

Especially in the movies, art directors use lots of blue tones light for creating ice patterns. The sample visuals are from "The Chronicles of Narnia" movie.  

The lighting concept is aimed at creating a kind of ice palace. A cold and winter seen have created with highlighted architectural details. On the different architectural elements, different blue tones will be used such as turquoise, dark blue, light blue and cool white colour. For this epic view, lighting has not to be homogenous. Light rays must be mixed on the huge surfaces as possible as. The lighting concept, generally, avoided to the direct view lighting methods. Wall washing and grazing methods will be chosen mostly. Thus complicated dramatic blue effects will be created on the surfaces. 


Energy Capsule - Lighting Experience


"Energy Capsule" is the new collaboration of Happy Hour TR, Adidas Turkey, and EC Lighting Design Studio. Adidas launches its new season shoes with using “Boost” technology in the Energy Capsule room, which provides an interactive lighting experience by highlighting the energy theme. The interactive experience room, designed by EC Lighting Design Studio, can be visited on the second floor of Happy Hour TR.

Designed as a two-tier experience, Energy Capsule room offers different scenarios based on user orientation. When the users enter the room, they only see the Adidas logo on the floor and the launch product on the wall. The first sensor activates the lightning bolts on the wall and invites users to the second stage. The second stage of the experience is triggered by users who reach the shoes-shaped figures appearing on the floor by detecting another independent sensor. First, the semicircular light sources are activated; then the whole system becomes an integrated scenario. Users can switch between scenarios by changing their location in the room. Thus the EC Lighting Design Studio, Adidas Turkey and Happy Hour TR offer an experience they encounter previously facilities for visitors.

While designing the Energy Capsule room, the light sources' specification and installation details have specially chosen as according to the "basic lighting triangle" principle, considering that the users visited a pop-up museum and the main goal was social media sharing. Thus, when any user stands at any point in the room, the “key light”, “support light” and “backlight” creates sharp, clear and contrasted photos. It creates perfect frames, especially for the Instagram platform.





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